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December 2016

Volume 3 Issue 4


Review article

A Comparative Study and Review of Research Related to Oral Appliances and Athletic Performance: Understanding the Physiological Impacts

Dena P. Garner*

The oral appliance in the form of a mouthguard has been utilized in sports as a protective device. However, early research in the area of physiologic dentistry suggested that mouthguards could also boost performance, with current research suggesting improvements during anaerobic and aerobic exercise. However, no physiological mechanisms have been identified to support why these improvements may be occurring.

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Research article

Muscle Activity, Pain and Resistance Onsets during the Slump Test in Hamstring Injured Athletes

Fowler E, Herrington L, Pearson S*

TNeurodynamic testing has become a common feature of musculoskeletal assessment with structural differentiation being an integral part of these tests. Structural differentiation involves moving the neural structure in the area in question, without moving the musculoskeletal tissues in the same region, thereby enabling a clinician to differentiate between neurogenic symptoms and those of musculoskeletal origin. The subjective reporting of pain onset (P1), onset of resistance as determined by the examiner (R1) and onset of local muscle activity are proposed as end points to use during neurodynamic tests and can be affected by structural differentiation.

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Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation: A Strategy for Exercise Prescription in Healthy Individuals

Mauricio de Sant Anna Junior*, Tiago Batista da Costa Xavier, Eduardo Lima Trajano, Marco Orsini

Prolonged exercise and of high intensity require increased peripheral muscle work as well as the respiratory muscles, especially the inspiratory ones (diaphragm and intercostal). Hyperventilation is a necessary adjustment to maintain adequate oxygenation, including the respiratory muscles during exercise. Studies show that the inspiratory muscles can limit physical performance during exercise in healthy athletes and non-athletes.

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