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June 2015 

Volume 2 Issue 2


Review Article
Effectiveness of the Strong Women Strong Bones TM Strength Training and Nutrition Education Program

Raidl M*, Spencer M, Sant L, Lockard M, and Plumb J

Women in their forties begin to experience a decline in muscle strength and bone density, both of which accelerate with age. One of the factors contributing to the decrease in muscle strength is that few women in their forties, just 14.5 percent, meet the twice a week strength training recommendations. This further declines to 9.1 percent by the time they are 75 years-old. Adequate calcium intake in childhood that continues into adulthood plays a role in bone density. Unfortunately, many women do not meet the calcium intake recommendation of 1000 milligrams per day during adulthood.

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Cohort Study
Time to Review Shin Pad Legislation in Soccer: An Observational Cohort Study Considering the use of Lower Leg Personal Protective Equipment in Football

Ally Saetta*

Soccer (football) is a truly global sport, played in suburban streets or in front of tens of thousands of fans in stadiums. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) have estimated that in 2006 there were 265 million people playing football globally and over four million in England. There are nearly one and a half million footballers registered with the English Football Association (FA), with approximately ten percent of the adult population in the UK thought to play at least once a year

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Research Article
The Contribution of Soccer Games and Practices to Achieving Recommended Physical Activity in Boys and Girls

Dona L. Tomlin, Talita L. Nell, Y. Kara Schaefer, David G. Trill1, Patti-Jean Naylor*

Soccer is a popular sport with children and is a potential vehicle for increasing physical activity. The current study aims to investigate the contributions of children’s soccer practices and games to recommended physical activity (PA) levels. Further, we will examine gender differences and whether team size affects PA accumulation. Sixty-two (33 boys, 29 girls; 8.5 ± 0.6 years) soccer players from 7 six-a-side soccer teams wore Actigraph GT1M accelerometers during one practice and one game. 

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